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"Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is even shorter supply than genius."

Peter Thiel 

The idea economy is driving the ecosystem of today's disruption. These ideas are generating wonderul conversations to tackle the toughest problems in our society. The start up world is now creating disruption across the global landscape, and new business models that are faster, simpler and better are driving the results. Can an incumbent survive the monopolistic thinking in these environments? I guess you need to ask Kodak, Blockbuster, Blackberry, Nokia and the likes - most of these businesses were leaders in their industry at one time, now all are irrelevant in the modern world - the disruptors had an IDEA, made the CONVERSATIONS, and created the BUSINESS MODELS..Engage us to create these MOMENTS for your business!

Business Models

"Burn your business plan before it burns you." 


Alexander Osterwalder

On a global level every industry is going through a massive transition - technological shifts are creating opportunities and in the same vain digging grave yards for businesses that are not able to see these trends. Organizations have to redefine their DNAs in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. Internet has democratized the economies of the world - customers have a choice, and they will shift loyalties if their needs are not met. Business models of fluid nature are the cornerstone of the new age organization - what worked yesterday is completely irrelevant for the coming future. Today's REAL TIME economy is changing CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR patterns that are creating new MARKETPLACES and BUSINESS MODELS. Business model innovation methodology helps today's organizations to look at their DNA in a completely different way and helps them to drive real results. Will your business survive the coming DISRUPTION? Ready to find out?

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