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Change is Coming


The Internet Of value

"It will relegate everything before it to a mere delivery mechanism."

Rick Willard

This is a massive game changer in the world of value - from money to assets. The internet changed the way we communicated, in the same manner the internet of value will now funadmentally change the way we move anything of value. A massive shift of wealth will occur from the businesses that stay in the grid to the businesses who shift the grid for displacement. Every individual on earth will be impacted by the change that will occur. 

Our perspective

The democratization of payments and things of value will fundamentally shift the way we move our money or any asset or any service in the shared economy. The growing threat of startups disrupting the status quo is shifting the ground in many traditional industries - financial, insurance, real estate etc. The advent of rapidly evolving business models using new technologies will completely obliterate any industry that does not embrace change and/or has monopolistic tendencies. 

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