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Our journey started more than 20 years ago, first as professionals and then as friends. Our first engagement was to develop and deploy a technology platform that encompasses a modern infrastructure and the first East African custom software platform that transformed the private instuition we were working with. With that experience as well several years of working with different technology organizations within Kenya and the region, as well as running our own technology businesses in Singapore and Asia, we have garnered enough experience and understanding of the modern enterprise and the evolving technological trends in the market place. 

Jab Jab was conceived over beers, coffee and lots of food - our mission is to bring our own knoweledge into the marketplace in East Africa as well as the global ecosystem, and to develop the most profound platforms from commerce to mobilitty. Not only that - with our expertise and knowledge in security, storage, ecommerce and new evolving business models, we see tremendous opportunity to distrupt the current business models and industry leaders. 

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