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Bhaves Shah

Founder - CEO

A 20 year veteran in the business arena - pioneering travel in East Africa to creating the first technology platform for a manufacturing company in Africa to enable seamless commerce. Lived in Singapore, became a serial entrpreneur - from owning a technology company to buying a startup animation company in India, and alot more.... Went to school at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA (where pioneers like Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos grew up)..I love to tinker and dream about how to make things simpler, faster and revolutionary - fearless in everything I do...

Robert Wambani

CoFounder - CTO

Graduate from India, a patriotic Kenyan - with over 20 plus years professional and business experience mainly in the technological field in East Africa - operationalized and developed the first fleet and security management company in East Africa. I love to solve complex problems, and simplify things with logic - they call me the "houdini" - i just make things happen!

Tom Portman

Strategic Advisor

Not sure where I was born and what I did - but i am like a "ghost" - i see things what other's don't - thats why l like crazy ideas that can lead to multi million dollar business empires. 

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